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3 Things Patients Look For In Their Dental Care Provider

Organic. Get back to humanizing your appointment time and establishing rapport with your patients. Relax and be yourself. Laugh and relate a little. Patients know when clinicians are just going through the motions and not connecting with them personally. Patients tend to complain about feeling rushed and herded along. Quality time is not being spent, therefore, they don’t put value into their own oral health care. More times than not, clinicians are dehumanizing the process of providing oral health care, because they are working against the clock.

Honesty. Clinicians must tell patients the truth no matter what. It’s never fun for people to learn the truth about their condition, but if they don’t know, how will they do better? Patients come to you for professional skill, judgement and care. As clinicians, oaths are taken to Do No Harm! Be honest and informative, and the rest will work itself out.

Creativity. If a situation seems impossible, be creative and make it possible. Find a way, or make one! Patients tend to feel guilty about neglecting themselves. Often, patients try to patch and fix things themselves with over-the-counter- remedies, until their way no longer works. They come to us to make the impossible--possible again. Do not judge, be grateful they sought your practice for care. Be the hero, then retention and increase will be your payment.